Diabetis Kill Faster than Aids


Hello, how are you it my pleasure to be with you again. It my duty to convey this message to you because if I fail to do my part and every one fail to do it part then our society will be in trouble. So today we are going to discussed on blood sugar. Blood sugar is the content of sugar level in your body system. There are different type of sugar which are found in human system, but we only going to discuss on glucose, because that is one of the major one that course problem to man. Now before we go into the main business I like to advice people to have their blood sugar check once in a while, if you are not a diabetic patient, but if you are a diabetic patient please try to adhere to doctor advice and stay away from the food that you where ask not to eat and have your blood sugar level checked regularly, because you cannot tell when it going to raise and cause problem to your life. There one thing you should know is that we have two type of blood sugar problem; which are called, hypoglycemia meaning low blood sugar level and hyperglycemia meaning high blood sugar level. Many people are aware of high blood sugar level but many are not aware of low sugar level, evening this morning we lost one patient because of low blood sugar level. So please try check yourself and know your blood sugar level because it kill more than HIV and Aids. The examination of the sugar level only one procedure but, it the depend on the status you are when the test was conducted.


There are two type

Which are fasting blood sugar (FBS)

And random blood sugar (RBS) test

The different between this two is that fasting blood sugar are conducted on a patient from around 6am to 10am when the patient has not eaten anything. Why random blood sugar are conducted on a patient at any hours of the day when the patient has eat something so as a result of this, the normal range of this blood sugar examination will be different

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The normal range of FBS is 70mg/dl to 120mg/dl

Why that of random is from 70mg/dl to 130mg/dl

So if you have your blood sugar examined are the value did not fall within this range, please you should consult your doctor immediately. For more information, question, and opinion, you are free to comment.

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