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Microorganism is group into the following; Bacteria Virus Protozoa Fungi Algae Rickettsiae Chlamydia Although this section is mainly base on bacteria but a brief explanation of microorganism will be explain because with this explanation, it will give more insight of

What is Microorganism

MICROORGANISM Microorganisms are tiny organism which cannot be able to be seen with our naked eyes except with the help of microscope. Microorganism are ubiquitous in nature, (they are found everywhere i.e., in the air, soil, water, cloth, human bodies,

Is Hapatitis B Deadly?

MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF HEPATIATIS B VIRUS Hello fellow, am a medical lab scientist, and I have work for over 10 years now, but there is one thing I observed from many people especially the Nigerians. The awareness

Diabetis Kill Faster than Aids

REASON WHY YOU MUST CHECK YOUR BLOOG SUGAR Hello, how are you it my pleasure to be with you again. It my duty to convey this message to you because if I fail to do my part and every one


Electrolyte is a substance which when melted, will facilitate free flow of electricity. The substance form two charge ions, which are positively charge ions also called cations and negatively charge ion also called anions. FUNCTION OF ELETROLYTE IN THE BODY

Medical Professional Ethics

PROFESSIONBAL ETHICS Newly admitted member into the medical laboratory field or existing practitioners must all time be dedicated to their work and discharge there duty properly as it where pledge when sign in for the work. As such practitioners must

Medical Laboratory Survelance

MEDICAL LABORATORY OBSERVATION The work carried out in medical laboratory help in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a result of this, the scientist must be sure that all test requested is conducted properly, if with any reason, the test

Medical Laboratory Qualification Requirement 

Medical Laboratory Qualification Requirement  The government of the land is charge with the qualification responsibility of entry into the professional studies of medical laboratory science. There are two way which the studies are set up, College of Health, the College


MEDICAL LABORATORY REGULATORY BODY Like order field, medical laboratory has a regulatory body which were set up by the government of the country in order to train and issue practitioner license to it qualified members. Each country has its own

Introduction to Medical Laboratory

Medical laboratory science is a canopy area made up of many disciplines. The most paramount departmental discipline of medical laboratory science comprise the following; Clinical chemistry Histopathology Haematology Microbiology The important function of medical laboratory is to help the doctor