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PHY101: Elementary Mechanics, Heat &properties Of Matter TMA4 answer and question

 PHY101: Elementary Mechanics, Heat &properties Of Matter TMA4 Question 1 : Poise is the SI unit of measurement. A. dimension B. scalar C. measurement D. vector Answer question 1 is C. measurement Question 2 : The term ________________ defines frictional force in fluids A. the

Production of Acetone from 2-propanol

Production of Acetone from 2-propanol We have deal with theory involving acetone on the following link Aldehydes and ketone hear we going to show you practical step involve in the production of acetone from 2-propanol. Materials 20ml 70% propanol (isopropyl) 100

Various statistical term definitions

Various statistical term definitions Significant figures: may be define a maximum digit number required to analyze a given value scientifically with a precision measurement. This way is very significant in messaging the exact meaning and status of each digit. The


LIST OF TEST UNDER E/U/CREATININE Sodium (Na) Potassium (K) Chloride (Cl) Bicarbonate (HCO3) Urea (U) Creatinine (Cr) Glucose (Gluc)   ESTIMATION OF SODIUM & POTASSIUM There are three method used for the estimation of these chemical substance in the serum.

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