GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA3 Question and Answer


GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA3

Question 1 : You are the one who __________ spreading the news
A. was
B. are
C. is
D. were

Answer to question 1 is C. is

Question 2 : Either you or I _______ to blame
A. am
B. are
C. were
D. is

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Answer to question 2 is D. is

Question 3 : Symbols used to represent sounds in English are placed between _________ to distinguish them from the letters of the English alphabet
A. slant bars
B. scrow bars
C. cross bars
D. crow bars

Answer to question 3 is A. slant bars

Question 4 : Look at the dark clouds; it _______ rain tonight.
A. may
B. can
C. can't
D. has

Answer to question 4 is A. may

Question 5 : In what formal document are you expected to list the basic facts relating to your education, experience and special skills.
A. engagement letter
B. curriculum vitae
C. transfer application
D. cover letter

Answer to question 5 is B. curriculum vitae

Question 6 : There are more sounds in the English language than there are _________ in its alphabet.
A. parameters
B. semesters
C. meters
D. letters

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Answer to question 6 is D. letters


Question 7 : Which of these words should be used in a formal speech
A. none of the above
B. commence
C. start
D. begin

Answer to question 7 is B. commence

Question 8 : Pick the odd one out
A. ploy
B. why
C. joy
D. loin

Answer to question 8 is D. loin

Question 9 : Business letters are written for all but one of the following _______
A. communicating information
B. requesting information
C. requesting action
D. requesting acquaintance

Answer to question 9 is C. requesting action


Question 10 : Which of the following words contain the CAPITALISED sound in 'priZe'
A. thrice
B. dice
C. price
D. dies

Answer to question 10 is C. price

Question 11 : Explaining the meaning of a concept or thing is called_________
A. definition
B. identification
C. illustration
D. explanation

Answer to question 11 is A. definition

Question 12 : She ________ come here daily.
A. dot
B. do
C. done
D. does

Answer to question 12 is B. do

Question 13 : Break the word INCOMPREHENSIBLE into its syllable components
A. in/com/pre/hensi/ble
B. inc/om/pre/hen/si/ble
C. income/pre/hen/sible
D. in/com/pre/hen/sible

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Answer to question 13 is A. in/com/pre/hensi/ble

Question 14 : /t/ is silent in all of these words except in ________
A. wrestle
B. little
C. christmas
D. whistle

Answer to question 14 is B. little

Question 15 : The goat hurt _____ legs
A. is
B. its
C. his
D. it's

Answer to question 15 is C. his

Question 16 : The interview is often called ________ because it helps the interview board get an insight into your personality.
A. capability test
B. personality test
C. acuity test
D. psychological test

Answer to question 16 is D. psychological test

Question 17 : One difficulty found in English pronunciation is ____________
A. no agreed relationship between letters and sounds
B. no dynamic cooperation between letters and sounds
C. no profound control between letters and sounds
D. no perfect correspondence between letters and sounds

Answer to question 17 is A. no agreed relationship between letters and sounds

Question 18 : Which of these words has ONLY ONE consonant sound at its beginning?
A. twinkle
B. smear
C. clarion
D. philosophy

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Answer to question 18 is B. smear

Question 19 : An organised, factual and objective presentation of information can be refered to as _________
A. a device
B. a story
C. a report
D. a fact

Answer to question 19 is D. a fact

Question 20 : One of the following is the most appropraite way to request for an interview _____
A. I will be available for an interview at your earliest convenience
B. I hope and pray hard that you will grant me an interview
C. i will be happy to attend an interview if you will give my the chance
D. I am expecting your response and an interview date

Answer to question 20 is A. I will be available for an interview at your earliest convenience

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