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PHY102: TMA1 Question and answer

PHY102: TMA1 Question and answer Question 1 : The SI Unit of electric charge is A. hertz B. joule C. Newton D. coulomb Answer to question 1 is D. coulomb   Question 2 : Gauss’s law applies to any hypothetical closed surface called A. lower


 PHY102: TMA3 QUESTION AND ANSWER Question 1 : Force per unit charge is called A.  Gravitational field strength B. flux density C. Charge unit D. electric field strength Answer to is D. electric field strength Question 2 : Electrolytic capacitors have capacitances of

Sickle Cell test Using Sodium metabisulphate

Examination of sickle cell is one of the important diagnosis in the medical laboratory, this test is carry on a patient suspected with sickle cell syndrome. The examination can also be conducted where there is malfunction of electrophoretic chromatographic hemoglobin

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