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Statistical Application in Analytical Chemistry

Statistical Application in Analytical Chemistry When chemistry begin, many great chemist find it challenging in various ways, which the idea the concept to analyze a large number of sample in such many monitoring devotion to make sure that representative coverage,

Define the following

1. Error? 2. Blank sample? 3. Part per thousand? Solution 1. Error can be define as deviation of experimental value with true value or expected value. 2. Blank sample can be define as that part of analysis’s reagent that have

Prediction and correction of systematic error

There are many way to determine and correct systematic error which are; Composition sample analysis: on this way, the method used should provide a known answers, if the method used is not able to provide that, then the error could

Combining power of atom

Elements have different combination powers. For example 1 atom of oxygen combine with 2 atoms of hydrogen to form water, but 1 atom of chlorine can only combine with 1 atom of hydrogen. As such oxygen may to have a