Glucometer can be define as instrument use for measuring the blood sugar level of a patient. The advent of glucometer come as result of scientist try to finding quick way to estimate blood sugar of a patient due to emergency encounter sometime by the doctors, with the use of classical method, which is the instrumental method, it take lot of protocol and as result of that many patient always lost their life before laboratory result will be out. The come of glucometer as means of measuring blood sugar is to facilitate easy way of bring a dying patient to life, if the condition was Couse by excess sugar in the blood.


Mechanism behind glucometer is that it is easy to handle and use, it is less expensive and is user friendly, also is 90% accurate and each of the meter come with its own strip so you cannot just used another glucometer strip other mostly if they are not manufacture by the same company.

There are different type of glucometer, the type are based on the different company which are manufacturing it. Below are some of the example if glucometer;

  1. Accu-chek
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2.One touch glucometer


3. freestyle lite glucometer

4. Contour next blood glucometer

There are many more but this are the one that is come within our locality.

Each of this glucometer has the following component some of which they are in-built, such as One touch glucometer, so are attach to it and can be detached so as accu check.

Glucometer machine

Glucometer strip

Glucometer code

Glucometer battery


Each of this glucometer has different procedure method of operation, so the best of accurate of operation, is to check the manufacturing manual, when buying any of this meter make sure that all the listed component found in it, also point to note is that each of this instrument come with fifty strip either inside one container or in two container divide by each 25, so when you want to buy the glucometer there are no strip that come along with don’t buy.

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