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Different between Bohr Model and Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom

 Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom Bohr Theory give idea about atom, however, the Theory has some major shortcoming. Bohr Theory give explanation about energies transmission of electron in the hydrogen, and hydrogen like atoms, but fail to explain that of

Good Study Guide TMA 4 Question and Answer

Good Study Guide TMA 4 Question and Answer For easier comprehension while working with so many numbers, on can convert them into_____ Answer is Picture The American Library Association (1989) describe an information literate as ______ Answer is a person


DNA of Bacteria Bacteria genetic information is in corporate inside DNA, while DNA is in turn found inside the chromosome in the nucleus of the cell. DNA information are encoded by four group of nucleotide base on which are Thymine,

Energy Required by Bacteria to Grow

BACTERIA REQUIREMENT SOURCES GROWTH The bacteria are group into the following; Base on their energy And base on how they obtain carbon to manufacture organic molecules. Base on their energy Some bacteria use sun light via pigment to manufacture their

Bacteria Metabolism

 METABOLSM Life is the vital source of all living things, either plant or animals, big or small. Whatever their size may be, life is essentially important to all living things. If any organism must survived, it must be able to

Laboratory Practical Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal Using CuO

Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal Using CuO This practical is all about to teach you how to prepare aldehyde from ethanol. Material that is required for the practical are; 10ml of Ethanol C2H5OH Copper wire Equipment are; Safety Google Test

GST107 Good study Guide TMA3 complete qustion and answer

GST107 Good study Guide TMA3 An example of the misuse of online information mostly perpetuated by student_____? Answer is plagiarizing assignment The Kolb’s reflective learning circle is so named because_____? Answer is it is a continous process The entire set

GST107 Good study guide TMA2

GST107 Good Study Guide Complete Question and Answer to TMA 2 Which is not an indication that learning has occur? Answer is ability to grapple with new things Learning about history and things past is categorized as _____ answer is

Capillary method of Blood collection

Capillary Blood Blood collected from capillary vessel is called capillary blood, the blood is usually collected by punting the fingertip of an adult using lancet while that of infant is collected from the heel or toe of the baby. The

Type of Blood collecting Method

Collection of Blood Blood present in the body system is called invivo, is in a liquid form. When blood is out from the body is called invitro, and it cloth in a few minutes, as such become solid. If the