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FATHER OF MICROBIOLOGY The history of microbiology can be trace back to year 1675 when a man called Anthony Von Leeuwenhoek of blessed memory, he was born in 1632 and die in 1723, lived in Delhi Holland. He is a

Error in in measuring Analytical chemistry

Introduction to Analytical chemistry As the name implied, analytical chemistry is that field of chemistry that specialized in both qualitative analysis, investigating what constituent of a given sample, and quantitative analysis, investigating what amount of quantities present in a given

laboratory preparation of ester

Preparations of Ester Introduction Ester is produce when organic acid R-COOH is heated with alcohol, R-OH, in the present of strong acid. Below is a general reaction for esterification of an organic acid with alcohol; R-COOH + HO-R  ⇔ R-CO-OR +

practical guide of Laboratory weighing and balance

BALANCE AND WEIGHING Many chemistry experiment involve in different stages. Much time are usually consume during weighing procedures, the main key aspect of time consumer during weighing procedure is weighing to degree of accuracy base on the excessive experimental requirement.

Bohr 2nd Postulate

2nd Postulate Read full text on 1st Bohr Postulate In the first postulate we refer to orbit to be in circular for, and they harbor electron. But it should interest you to know that not all circular orbit allowed electron.

Postulate of Bohr Theory

Postulate of Bohr Theory The fact that hydrogen spectrum of Balmer equation was represented successfully, but there were no theoretical proved for it. Therefore, Niels Bohr in 1914 provide a theory that explain the genesis of it spectrum. The theory

cause of male infertility and laboratory investigation

seminal fluid analysis Seminal fluid analysis is one of the important investigation of male in fertility in medical laboratory. The often requested for men that have issue of getting a woman pregnant. For man not be able to get woman

Spectral line of Atom

Atomic Spectra When atom absorbed quantum energy, it move to an excited state opposing it ground state. When this atom loose or emitted the absorb energy or light, it will return to ground state. In this tutorial we going to

Excitation and De-excitation of Atom

Excitation and De-excitation Atom has the power of transition between the orbits which is permitted by quantum mechanics, the transition take place by either absorbing or emitting equal difference energy between the orbits. Excitation take place as a result of

Atomic Structural composition

Atomic Composition Atom consist of varieties of structure, the varieties structure of atom determines it chemical and physical properties composition it is made up of. In the early discovery of atom, there structural varieties was not known until the discovery