Hello my fellow Muslims brother and sister. How are you, hope everything is fine? May Allah almighty guide and protect us all amin. Hope you are enjoying our post, we are back to another very important topic we want to discussed about, title unity in islam. This topic didn’t just come to my mind but it something I was been observing among us as a Muslim community. My dear brother and sister in Islam, unity didn’t mean you must think the same with you fellow human being, unity didn’t mean you must come from the same family, but really the definition of unity, is for two or more different people with different character, different ideology to be able to live with one another happily without any conflict among them, that is what unity is all about. But what we see today in our society is alarming, of which we need to fine everlasting solution to it, but instead of that, the situation is escalating more and more. In Islam we are supposed to live like brother and sister, we are supposed to live as one body, what we see today is totally disturbing, the far back  day Muslim only have one mosque, and only one Quran, but today, we are seen different sect of Muslim, these one will said we don’t attend this mosque we have our own mosque, that will said we don’t attend that mosque, even they now give themselves different type of name, why? We are one and we suppose to remain as one body forever, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never once teach us to become segregated, he never teach us to fight one another, he never teach us that we should name ourselves differently. There is only one religion you as Muslim to be called which is Islam. We have one Mosque and one Quran with the same copy all over the world. You as a Muslim suppose enter any mosque around the globe to pray anywhere prayer meet you, not by saying we don’t attend that mosque. We as Muslim we have only one pattern  of praying all over the world, that is what Quran teach us. But what we see today is totally dishearten. Prophet warn us not to introduce anything into the religion nor take anything out of it, but today we introduce things which is not part of the religion into the religion and we take some out of it, where is the unity again? Where is the love again we as a Muslim? Remember Quran warn us that if we are not going to unity as qufar unit with one another, there will be fitna earth (problem on earth, hence we are facing big problem today as Muslim) brother and sister in Islam we need unity, we need love, I always said it, if only we follow the teaching of Islam correctly, by now the whole world would have been a Muslim. Thank for reading, hope the post make impact in your life, if it do please don’t forget to comment, and share. Salamualaikum. ramadan life

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