COMPLETE ANSWER TO CHM192: Introductory Chemistry Practical Ii TMA4



Today am going to share answer to chemistry practical TMA 4 with you guys so let get started;

Question 1 : If a procedure says weigh accurately about 0.8g, which of these balance will you use?

answer Analytical

Question 2 : Deliquiscent samples should be stored in the _________.



Question 3 : Fractional distillation is used to purify material containing only small amounts of impurities with much higher or lower boiling


 That's true

Question 4 : Which of the heating methods will a boiling flask and condenser attached together?


 Steam bath

Question 5 : Most samples are hygroscopic,therefore needs to be protected with a________.


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Question 6 : I.Electric II. Mechanical III. Hot plate. Which of this/these stirrer is magnetic?


 III only

Question 7 : Which of these stirrers allows stirring to done at constant temperature?


 Hot plate

Question 8 : I. Voltage II. Temperature III. Air current IV. Level of vibration. Which of these can affect the weighing balance?



Question 9 : When a reaction is said to be thermally ________ , then _______ is necessary .



Question 10 : What is the colour change of a Drierite when it becomes ineffective?


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 Blue to Pink

Question 11 : The viscosity of all liquids varies inversely with temperature.



Question 12 : What effect does applied force have on viscosity of water?


 Remains the same

Question 13 : Soaps,tars, vegetable oils,glue and gels are all examples of ________ liquids.

answer Thixotropic

Question 14 : Safety flame is also as __________ flame in Bunsen burner.

answer Yellow

Question 15 : In which of these liquids is the applied force directly related to viscosity?

answer Dilatant

Question 16 : One of these sources of error cannot easily be detected in the concluding analytical figures.


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Question 17 : Which of the seperation technique employs the combination of air and gravity pressure?


Question 18 : If a substance has finite boiling point, it can be concluded that it (is)



Question 19 : What is/are the factors considered in selecting a heating method?

answer Reaction condition,chemicals and physical material properties

Question 20 : In the laboratory,which of the following scale is employed in measuring mass more accurately?


 Digital weighing 


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