Hello; today am going to teach you on how you can summit your site to Yahoo search Engine SEO. before there you have to know what yahoo search engine optimization is all about, yahoo search engine is just like google search engine, which can make your website or blog available to general public. the goodness of  it is that when ever audience is searching for information on yahoo page, your information will also be listed among of the most available onece. 

Yahoo searching make your website available across the Globe. with much wasting time let get strait to the point

first step 

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open your browser, when you are ready connected to internet and type the following;

how to submit my blog to yahoo  

then click search, it will take to you to page shown bellow;


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then click on the link circle red, it will take you to page shown  below page

then click on summit your site for free as it shown on the picture above circle in red color. it will then take to bellow;

now you have little work to do, 

then click on sign in if you have microft account, but if you dont have microsoft account, click sign up, when you click sign in, it will take you to page display below


then you enter your email address that you use when sign  up for Microsoft account then click next

  then input your password as shown above and click sign in it will take to a page shown bellow;

then it will take you to page shown above when correctly enter your microsoft account detail, now your are ready to summit your website, all what you will do now is to click add website as shown  circle in red color above

then you enter your website url and the site map, on the above space provide. then click and you are done

better still follow this link to summit your site to Yahoo search engine 

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