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Q1. another name for primary key is__________________?

answer: golden key

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Q2. a datasheet view enables one to update data in a____?

answer: table

Q3. a medium that used to convey data symbols is called which of the following?

Answer: data store

Q4. _______ is used the describe the data one uses to describe th information one is looking for in a data store?

answer: search terms

Q5. which of the following refers to activities that must be performed by individuals and organization to ensure that only useful data is created for conveying information?

answer: data management

Q6. one of these is a type of information retrieval method from a data store?

answer: subject retrieval

Q7. ________in one of the ways in which a stored data can be lost?

answer: media damage

Q8. the process of making decisions about what data should be created for what purpose is referred to as which of the following?

answer: data policy making

Q9. one of these is a hazard that can affect paper media?


Q10. data can be lost when an organization or information system make mistake of using_______computer hardware?

answer: non-standard

Q11 which of the following is the equivalent of -4.563E+02?

answer: -456.3

Q12. data analysis usually entails one of the following?

answer: data summarization

Q13. data analysis is the process of______ and identifying the attributes or characteristics of a particular set of data?

answer: sorting

Q14. which of the following refers to the process of determining the formats in which data will be created, acquired, stored and transfer?

answer: data mining

Q15. one of these is a disadvantage of manual methods in data analysis?

Answer: Error-prone

Q16. the process of verifying and certifying that the data that has been created or collected from other sources meet minimum standards of consistency and accuracy is called which of the following?

answer: data analysis and summarization

Q17: information systems are best designed and developed through a_____________?

answer: systematic planing

Q18. which of the following refers to the process of transporting data across space and time through different media such as documents and telephone networks?

answer: data communication and transfer

Q19. feasibility study of candidate new systems is not a stage of system development cycle?

answer: strongly agree

Q20. ascertaining users information requirement is the first stage of the system development life cycle?

answer: strongly agree

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