Welcome to Omoko Blog health Discuss, this platform is basically dedicated to health. we no that health is one of the major important of our life, before every other thing you think of in life, health should be the first thing. because with health you can do everything with health you can be able to achieved your dream. some people has everything you could think of on this earth, but they lack one things which is health so with that they lack everything, because without health, you will not be able to enjoy what you have, take for example now diabetic patient has the money to eat what ever he or she want to eat, but because of it health status he cannot drink anything that has sugar even it is given freely to them.
Health is the physical and mental well being of a human being. for any human being to function well, he must be healthy.  for we to say someone is healthy, he or she must have the following quality;
1. mentally alert
2. physically alert
3. no deformation both internal and external organ.
4. able to carry out a daily activity by him/her self
there are many quality of a healthy person, but the listed above is mother of the rest. basically on this page we are going to discuss issue related to health. which will be on the platform of article, question and answer. so will once again welcome you to our health section of Omoko blog. so hope to give you the useful information you need.
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