GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA2


GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA2
Instructions: Answer All .
After Submission, you will not be able to answer these questions
Question 1 : One of the following is NOT usually used in descriptive writing ______
 measurements: weight, size, volume, distance
 temporal issues
 place and position; direction
 shapes and patterns

Question 2 : Re-' in letter writing indicates that the letter is _________
 reply to a new issue
 a referral letter
 reply to an earlier letter
 a reference letter

Question 3 : Which of the following words contain the sound /a:/

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Question 4 : One of the following words does not have /:/ as in 'birds'

Question 5 : Neither Peter nor his wife______ considerate

Question 6 : The language used in reporting an experiment should be_______
Question 7 : In the sentence, 'The fishermen have been fishing all night long', the tense form is_________
 present perfect continuous
 present continuous
 present perfect

Question 8 : One of the following is NOT correct about writing reports of experiments ______
 It should follow a logical order
 It should be informal and private
 It should avoid ambiguous statements
 It should be clear, brief and to the point

Question 9 : Examples are used in paragraph development to __________.
 present the writer’s perspective
 persuade the reader that the generalization is correct
 expand the writing
 identify issues

Question 10 : Maiduguri was occupied by _______ soldiers.

Question 11 : The ________ is commonly found in formal writing.
 passive voice
 closed voice
 active voice
 open voice
Question 12 : In the sentence, 'She was always out of school during the weekends in her undergraduate days' the tense form is_______
 simple tense
 past continuous
 past tense
 simple past tense

Question 13 : I am not _______ good judge of poetry.

Question 14 : Letters of request and letters of complaint are types of _________ letters

Question 15 : which of the following does not have /ts/ in its initial sound

Question 16 : The extra force used in speaking, on a particular word or syllable in English is ___________ .
 Word Stress
 Word Strength
 Word Force
 Speech Stress

Question 17 : Beginning a paragraph with a topic sentence ________
 allows the building of the sentence to the topic
 allows for an effective summary
 helps both the reader and the writer
 makes the paragraph more interesting
Question 18 : The only way to learn how to summarise is for one to __________.

Question 19 : He had a serious accident while getting off a ________ bus.

Question 20 : Which of the following may not form the topic sentence of a paragraph?
 a generalisation
 a statement
 a good rhyme scheme
 a problem


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